Metaphor / Abstract

Phoenix by Michael Howard
Queen of Sheba by Ludwig Desmet
Tyrian by Ralph Henzler
Teddy Bear Moreau by John F. Johnson
Choreophotograph 3 by Steve Dzerigian
Let it Fall by Lisa Summer
Traverse by Bryan David Griffith
Bride by Teeun Medas
Lost Identity 4 by Patricia Turo
Deceptive Illusion by Peter Erhard
Time by Felix Tian
Beach 3 by Brad Kim
Boxcar Door by Russ Martin
I Am - Am I by Ellen G. Ingram
Diminished by Susan Mills
Shadow City 8 by Ray Cheung
Parasol by Linda Jarrett
Ojo Del DiabloVernon Hills IL by Rudolph De Ram
Guilt Trip of his Misdeeds by Stanley Olivera
Ispy by Jenny Chen
Untitled 2 by Brian Osgood
Presence in Between 06 by Celine Wu
Dead End by Dan Francis
Who's That by Dave S. Llint
Face with Extra Hair by Carole Usdan
Emotions of Space 8 by Kelley Stapleton
Scapularis Remissa Maria by Jane-Anne Egerton
Animal - When the Room Becomes Water by Marina Black
The Passing - Part II by Joseph A. Rotindo
Breakthrough by Robert Moran
Untitled 5 by Steven Cruz Leacock
Untitled II by Ellen Semb Hagen
Worship by Ellen Semb Hagan
Santeria #11 by Ilya Genin