Kibera 1 by Matilde Simas
Dairy Barn by William Bullard
Sarah by Sion Michel
Gesture by Robert Schwiebert
3 Havanna by Erkki Salomaa
Friends by Linda Hollinger
Friends by Scott Fowler
Young Monk by Doug Steakley
Burmese Girl by Doug Steakley
You and the way that you look by Claudia C. Hagan
Flower Girl by Harold Hellman
Portrait 7 by Josep Maria Orengo Martinez
Girl in Ta Prohm by David Ruderman
Botho by Ralph Henzler
Fes Girls by Kirsten Whatley
Day Dreaming by Arthur J. Ammann
People on a Bench by Mark Colvin
European Union by William Bullard
Finding Kunta Kinte by Julian Martinez-Escobar
Friends by Sheila Bodine
Street Waif by Mary F. Ruppert
Jenny by Glenna Rosenberg
Adia by Dolores Smart
Childhood by Kelvin A. Naar R.
Different Generations by Sheila Bodine
Trick or Treating by Byron Annis
Children #5 by Shinya Ichikawa
Anthony by Jeff Wiles
Her by Kelvin A. Naar R.
These Precious Lives Matter (Kids on the Bus) by Mark Colvin
Kippa by Marc Nolin
Untitled 12 by Kat Kotula
Messages by Mark Caseres
H E L L O by Myron Slabaugh