7 Irving Penn Centennial by William Bullard
Mirror Mirror On the Wall by Wayne Thornbrough
Emerging Woman by Elaine Jones Heron
Devil's Child by Mark Greenland
Market 2 by Bob Kass
Liangshan by Qiong Fu
The Girl on the Train by Chester Ng
Miranda Tribute 1 by Glenna Rosenberg
Street Portrait # 4 by Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest
Help If You Can by Frank Merrem
John W with Dog by Ron Cooper
Noir by Geoffrey Ward
Flying Petals by Tyler Vance
Good Friday by William Bullard
Street Talk by Bob Bader
Preparing the Mumu Barbecue by Elaine Jones Heron
10 Eagle Hunter by Tim Coy
Morning by Richard Morse
Family Portrait by Michael Greig
Life by Bernard Werner
Acting Out for America! by Roger Gaess
Bridal Eyes by Tyler Vance
Old Man by Jenny Arevalo
Notre Dame by Roger P. Watts
Soperie by Nathan Caplan
Untitled 18 by William Acosta
Mohawk by C.J. Pressma
Hat Seller by Bob Bader
Jeweler by William Bullard
It Looks Better From Here by Wayne Thornbrough
Bad Hair Day by Wayne Thornbrough
No School Today by Sheila Bodine
Nikolai by Richard Man
Ghostly by Lynne Mass