Untitled 6 by William Acosta
West Bay Diner by Byron Annis
Regional Noodling Competition by Beverly Conley
Rice Miller by Carin Leong
Teapicker by Stephen K. Hall
Good Friday 4 by William Bullard
Melanie by Judy Morris Dupont
Rowan by Dolores Smart
Les Deux Magots by Sheila Bodine
Kentucky International Crop Pickers by J. Michael Skaggs
Grooming a cat by Lars E. Runar
Gay Pride No.10 by Michael Medrano
Civil War Reenactor by Mikael Carstanjen
That's Me by Mickie Rosen
Teen Chaos by Terrie Moeller
Young Salt by Jeff Wiles
Photographer on Eifel Tower by Lars E. Runar
Saying Good-bye by Roger Gaess
2 Hite Chee by Alvin Reiner
Natural Beauty by Glenna Rosenberg
Portrait by Lance Pressl
Untitled1 by Josep Maria Orengo Martinez
The Sweeper by Joseph Marranca
Providers - Lunch Before Lunch by Elizabeth Craven
Froggy by Gary Koenig
Diamond Girl by Brian Gilwee
Wolfe by Gary Koenig
Fiddler by C.J. Pressma
Rest by Rob Haff
Three Brothers by Patrick Binns
Providers - Working Lunch by Elizabeth Craven
Native American 10 by Jennifer Green
Untitled 7 by William Acosta
Moon Chin Woman with Pipe by Doug Steakley