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Old Town 10 by Allan R. Lamb
cuba cars # 7 by Scott Clarke
Pokot People 4 by Bob Demchuk
Allegory of Painting by John Martino
Detail Ravaged Globe by Bill Slack
Looking Down on the World by Jim Berry
Damp Geisha by Jan Wolyniak
RouteUS 66 Bikers by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Powel and Market by Dania Maxwell
Ballinakill by Veneta Zahaieva
Venezia No. 12 by Stefano Sagri
Sicilia  Selinunte 4 by Massimo Pedriali
Old City Walk by Pamela Sweet
Confronting One Tusk Charlie by Art Shay
Candle by Oliver Stegmann
IR Bridge by Phil Long
Untitled 2 by Emiko Szucs
Manzanar by T. G. Wilcox
Seventh Avenue Chess Game by Beverly Conley
Crouse House by Bill Lord
Machu Picchu 3 by Walter Vosburgh
Italian Town with Man by Alan Geller
Marketplace Rush by Russell Lewis
Via Francigena #8 by Paul Elliott
Flow through by Dennis Usdan
Traffic by Robert A. Levine
Novices of Dai Hung Temple by Larry Kincaid
Day at Mountain View Farm 6 by Alberto Nasti
Good Luck Charm by Surin Banyatpiyaphod
Seasons End by Neil M. Becker
Bay Bridge by Thomas S. Parry
Goodbyes are Never Easy by Michael Merne
Manzanar 11_2013 by Steve Wolowitz
Santorini Island by Cleo Wilkinson