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Arezzo by Edwin George Close II
Embrace by Jim & Anne Mitchell
No Photo by Jukka Lehtonen
Carousel by Robb Johnson
Country Church by Charlie Heck
Twin Landscapes by Liza Hennessey Botkin
Untitled 4 by Boros Gabor
La Santera by Joyce Chadwick
Museum by Ilya Feldshteyn
The Point by Babara House
Covered Bridge by Marj Green
Butterfly by Gabor Havasi
The Fisherman and the Bridge-Istanbul Turkey-2012 by Jack Ronnel
Remaining Boats by Steven Garon
Train Stop by Joe Fretz
Priest and Nuns by Vasiliki Georgiou
Florida by Robert D. Pierce
Soares-Gomes by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Watching the Finals by Adi Ben-Senior
Istanbul Fiddler by John Petersen
Silence by Anita Licis-Ribak
Istiklal Caddesi by Raymond van Tassel
Temples & Volcanoes by Rob Haff
Plimsoll by Ralph Henzler
Young Girl by Stephen K. Hall
Musem Plaza by Laurence Siegel
Shining Through the Landscape by Sylvio Rusmigo
Carnival Horses by Mitford A. Fontaine
At the Time Square by Manuel Jo Monteiro Anjos Pereira
Under the Glass Bridge by Bill Sinkovich
Drying X-rays by Steven Garon
Montserrate by Sandy Jo Lloyd
El Trabajo del Burro by Kellie Fitzgerald