Travel / People / Places

Window by Dawn Leader-Peloso
Violinist by Lee Grossman
Boy and Clown by Bob Bader
Palouse 10 by Steven Greenbaum
Pushcart by John P. Lewis
Irish Town by Richard Wilson
Viewpoint by Jeannette Serrat
Fisherman by Walter Alberto Mitt Schause
Someone to Look Up To by Alan Wood
The Road to St. Shotts by Robert Moran
Untitled 8 by Alana Taber
Mobil Station by Dennis Fritsche
Caballerito by Jennifer Spelman
With Companion by Byong-Ho
Gathering Clouds by Bill Davenport
Untitled 17 by Peter Willemse
Guiding Light by Lance B. Carter
Spotlight by Andrea Kaiser Carmosino
Dark Carnival by Jane-Anne N. Egerton
Sunrise by Dan Richard Barber
Fishermans Club by Mark Coggins
In the Tuileries by Terry Bowker
Venice Bridge by Gary Schatan
Untitled 10 by Vladimir Frumin
Unitiy by Verda Aner Verebay
La Foce Gardens by Dennis R. Ford
Desperation by Hal Robert Myers
Miami Fair by Vicki Weiss
Sugas Cane l Honduras 2012 by Billy Weeks
Untitled 12 by Yvon Joidoin
Cat's Cradle by Barbara O'Shea
Mali 07 by Larry Louie
Anita by Domingo Batista
Coney Island by Peter Madero III