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Father Daughter Truck by Khach Turabian
Untitled 3 by David Winkler
Se Cathedral by Marti Belcher
Vizcaya 3 by Rita Pignato
Li River #1 by Bob Newman
European Traffic Jam by Todd Groskopf
Locally Known by Laurene Ashley Elliott
NY Central Railroad by Carol A. Keller
Rain Couple by Carol MacLeod
Going Home by Aaron Marko
Falling Sky by Al Benas
Road to Hurricane Ridge by Scott Pollock
Side of the Road 5 by Robert G. Hicks
Adieu by Ted Anderson
Atlantic City #7 - Ocean 200 feet by Jeff Wiles
Boy by Hal Robert Myers
Gateway Visitors #3 by John R. Ziemba
Strada 30 Decembrie by George Omorean
Angkor Thom 3 by Olivier Borson
Cold rider by Rick Kattlemann
Church Steps by Kathy Cudlin
Gone by Russ Lewis
Couple at Airport by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Willms Road by Marshall Gould
Storm Across the Valley by Anna Capaldi
Oasis by James D. Lewis
Image #2 by David Burke
Fete d'Amour by Darek Solarski
Fifth Avenue by Evan Wolarsky
Burghers by William Bullard
Alpine Shack by T. Eric Henne
Cypress in Contrast by Jon A. Soliday
Girls by Kevin McKinnon
Travel is Life by Yoong Wah Alex Wong