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Expectant by Marie Juliette Aziz
Woman in Indonesia by Ardian Gill
Fish Seller by Ken Driese
Xiapu Fishermen by Stanley Tan
Girl Waiting Near a Sickle and Hammer by Alison McCauley
shadows by Jan Malmstrom
Cliff Palace Kiva by Don Jacobson
The Church by Rick DeLucia
Their Real Life by Leandro Montes Garcia
N. Cematary 7 by Ludmila Ketslakh
Family by Lee Grossman
Bound by Faith 2 by Jessica Lutz
Town Hall Square by Michael Kirchoff
Beach Life by Matthew Finley
Desolation by Carlos J. Yunen
Gallery Guard by Tim Mize
Georgia O'Keefe Country by Dean Fikar
Peyton Shores by Dennis R. Ford
Vietnam Street Vendors 8 by Dorothy Radley
Visitors by Lee Grossman
Peat by R.D. Smith
Havana 06 by Benny Asrul
Tanzanian Children 1 by Paul Indman
Curious by Ezra M. Denman
House by Dugoni Roggero
Cairo Mosque 9 by Tim Slaven
Barcelona's Alleys 2 by Rodrigo Gómez Cordova
Untitled 4 by Mark Vogelgesang
Ghost8 by Sandra K. Banister
Beijing Bride by Jonea Mohn
F. in Europe no 13 by Pierre Laroche
Opposite Direction by Carlos Martinez Ortiz
Street Vendors by John Holger Holm
Tree and Sky by Mark Clifford