19. Furrier by Sven Martson
Colonial Cab Co. by Marilyn Suriani
05 Wet Paint Sign Selfie by James R. Holland
#7 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
Reflections 3 by Mati Maldre
Fishing Boats by Isidore Mankofsky
Hudson River by Erwin G. Markowitz
Adams St. Station by Steve Saunders
Marge by Madeline Barden
05. Wrestlers by Sven Martson
Lucille Andrew by Thomas Winter
Man and Cat by Jim Lustenader
Me Too by Myron Slabaugh
Shoppers by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Neighbor Boys by Dale Livingston
Keyport Fishery by Karen A. Sanabria
Versailles by David Small
Auenhammer by Natasha Auenhammer
Preservation Hall 3 by Arthur  Ammann
17. Cafe by Sven Martson
My Day For Dishes by Don Jacobson
Throwing A Derrick by Rees Gordon
The River of my Youth by Thomas E. Janzen
Inflation by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
The River Flows Like Time by Thomas E. Janzen
6. Sleeping Worker by Sven Martson
11. FDR Drive by Sven Martson
Sale Day by Michael Philip Manheim
Wait! by Andrew S. Mine
Kid On Porch by Liza Hennessey Botkin
Spirit of '76 by Ernie Flowers
Roofs by Jerzy Pawlowski
Ola #6 by Per Erik Langaanes