23. Christine Le Duc by Sven Martson
Street Sweepers' Time Out by Elio DePisa
Watching USO Show by Erwin G. Markowitz
Sunlight by Jim Lustenader
The Farm by Charles Klein
Luncheonette by Richard Serviss
#1 SS Independence by Bernard Spinelli
08 Southern Ohio by James R. Holland
Ola #3 by Per Erik Langaanes
26. Skaters by Sven Martson
Kids Lib by Don Jacobson
Cobble Hill by Michael Seif
4 Rocks by Steve Saunders
22. Black Cat by Sven Martson
Shepherd Boy by Steve Saunders
25. Ricki and Ramona by Sven Martson
The Wood Carver by Hendrik Paul
18. Great Dane by Sven Martson
Friend in Need by John R. Rodrigues
USA Birthday Cake by Monte  H. Gerlach
Reflections 2 by Mati Maldre
Lakefront by Jay King
Dramatic Rescue by Robert M. Currier
Bontoc Street by Ronald Gratz
The DiBruno Brothers by Marilyn Suriani
The Thinker by Myron Slabaugh
Mosque by Woody Campbell
State Fair by Charles Klein
Greece #2 by Woody Campbell
Dream by Jay King
The Forlorn Embrace by Myron Slabaugh
In The Field by Erwin G. Markowitz
Fair by Charles Klein