Portraiture / Children

Monk by Vasiliki Georgiou
Siblings by John Parlante
Denise 14 by Jim McKinniss
Farmer by Lee Grossman
Refugee I with Moustache by Boros Gabor
Sebastian with Favorite Glasses by Monika Pia
Fingerprints by Karen Santos
Transition I 12 by Morteza Poursamadi
Carpe Diem by Andre Roman Medina
Henry Abimael  Cuc by Byron Maldenado
5. Countryman by Carlos Saavedra
Tapper by Mary Tuggle
Natalia#2 by Mark Caceres
Girl Dancing with Kite String by Julius Lester
Untitled 10 New York 2012 by Carla Berger
Bead Artist by Larry Selman
Two Girls 3 by Augustus Napier
Artist Working by Fred DeFilippo
Untitledb12b by Eurico Salis
Los Ecuatorianos - 6 by Michael Greig
Marta and Ralph by Jaiseok Kang
Bad Geisha by Patricia Izzo
Candle Light by Donald Thornsburry
Untitled4 by Chuck King
Carmen by Barbara Ford Doyle
Dashing Young Man (Carlos Gardel) by Jon Kolkin
Homeless Man by Marion Bronson
Door Jam by David Olds
Old Man by Bjorn Wahlstrom
Balloon Man by Richard Wilson
Coffee  Shop 4 by Nathan Caplan
Emma D by Alvin Reiner
River Girl by Jamie Johnson
Autoritratto 2 by Alessandro Volpi