Portraiture / Children

Hannah and Charlotte by Donna Pinckley
Gatorade by Fernando Garcia Fernandez
Ali by Tim Arroyo
Faces at the Market 3 by Rebecca Rothey
Children 11 by Gerald Currier
Rose Looking Out by Bill Lord
Masked Protesters by Joseph E. Reid
The Soup Kitchen 11 by Patricia Turo
Terry Dobson by Peggy Barnett
Man on Rock. Utah by Nancy E. Robinson
Streets of Asia 4 by Leo Pelletier
À L'Opera by Bob Fischer
Hunters by Tomaz Crnej
Chicken on a Leash by Alan Kornfeld
School Boy by Steven Garon
Lilly by Tim Slaven
Head Dress by Robert A. Levine
Untitled 5 by Patrick Binns
b. Pussycat I and II by Gregory Poulos
Icy Window by A. Kadir Ekinci
Play #2 by John Swain
Ed by Niek Voort
Jade on Water by Patrisha McLean
Untitled 3 by Patrick Binns
The Engagement Party by Ellie Ivanova
Zoe and Parker by Alvin Reiner
The Faces of Myanmar 1 by Matilde Marie Simas
Alyssa by Karen Fleck
Peasant by Boros Gabor
Serena2 by Mark Brosius
Window to the Soul by Daniel Powers
Daivaj Jaa by Ethel Kambourian
Loss of a Pet by Doug Bisson
Cyrus by Terry Farrugia