Portraiture / Children

Edward by Peggy Barnett
Girl by Bruce Wehman
Shawl by Kenneth I. Resnick
Untitled 13 by Mark Sadan
Liz by Ralph Henzler
Senator Ted Stevens by Bill Sharpsteen
Raquel by Michael Greig
Carlos y Benito y Pepito by Richard Quesnel
Smile by Eric D. Howard
Untitled #6 by Scott Clarke
Diego by Felicia Kieselhorst
Byward Market Vendor by Colin Traquair
Corinne by Evangelina Murray
Untitled 5 by Andrea Mabee
Pilgrim of Black Rock Desert 04 by Catherine Hall
Local Guide by Jack McMaster
Earl and Son by Robert Miller
Forever by Gray Hawn
News Vendor by Kevin McCollister
Another Day In Paradise by Sorin Costache
Head & Post by Joseph Barnett
NYC Mood by Edward Feldmann
Broken Glass by Patricia Turo
Departure by Thomas Harrison
The School by Valery Lombardi
Neyellie by Juan Herrera
Reflecting on a Life Lost by Jacqueline Z. Fay
Untitled 12 by Khalid Aziz
Fashion Elements 6 by Dana Redick
Celebration by Ellie Ivanova
Untitled 2 by Carly Thoraval
Kids on a Bike by Linda Berman
Untitled 3 by Rene Roalf Jensen
Young Couple At Roller Derby Bout by Glenn Larsen