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Perseus 1
Without a map  7
Winter at sapsucker woods 4
Dreams of a defector  3
The tree grows on prado
Tower of dreams effiel tower
The havana puzzle
La lucha
Place of mystery carmel
The mite y tilly
Crossing over
Power 2010
Three women
Clint eastwood
Mother nature 03
Without a map  2
Sl169  los angeles
Midas san francisco
Memorial to the unknowns
Strato surfing  reno 5 13 2012
Johnny cash
Mother nature 04
Leaving dark horse farm 8 eastbrook
Sl49  los angeles
Remains carmel
Leaving dark horse farm 1 eastbrook
Sl216  los angeles
Leaving dark horse farm 5 eastbrook
Leaving dark horse farm 4 eastbrook
Thoth carmel
Ny energy4 2011