Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Tears by Lance Key
Hawaii Blue 887 by Barbara House
Plants-Nightshade by William L. Witmer
Mexican Agave by James S. Heuer
Scenic Root 4 by Jarrett Quinn Hlady
Black Leaf 7 by Alan Wood
Hosta Leaf by Beamie Young
Grand Sable Falls by Paul R. Schranz
Milkweed Series #7 by Lynn Karlin
Yucca elata by Ernesto Beall
Papyrus 3 by Kathleen A.E. Donohoe
Calla Lilly by Gregory Talley
Leaves by Barbara A. Leideritz
Leaf #2 by Richard Douglas
Fern by David Massolo
tulips by Ella Schreiber
Cala Death 8 by Gerald Currier
Orange Cauliflower by Lynn Karlin
Bones of Plant by Gyorgy Godja
Awakening 1 by Ian Shand
Beach Plant by Tom Green
Apples and Pears by Donald J. Schwartz
Little Treasure 3 by Roberto Frieri
Texture Five by Jim Park
Floral Study 10 by Byong-Ho Brad Kim
Tree Bark 2 by Carl Davis
Royal Paintbrush 1P58 by Richard Paul Weiblinger
Squash Blossoms by Lynn Karlin
Spider by Don Bierman
Bountiful by Kaitlyn Vander Broek
Spathyphyllum by Sherman Bloom
SciFI Trio by Barry Guthertz
Untitled 14 by Jose Luis Silva
One More Song 9 by Margrieta Jeltema