Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Ice #4 by Errick L. Cameron
Ivy Berries by Nancy Abens
Reed 1 by Sophia Koopman
Botanic Study 11 by Brad Kim
Botanic Energy 3 by Byong-Ho Brad Kim
Saguaro Cactus by Thomas G. Hocker
Garlic Dance 1 by Eleanor Owen Kerr
Oriental Lily by Linda Morrow
Dogwood by Martha Weintraub
Calligraphy 05 by Ludmilla Espiaube
Texture Four by Jim Park
Frick Rock Shrine by Brian Koski
Oak by Donna Rosser
Hosta Leaves by Brian Grandfield
The Flower 1 by Mitchell Ozog
Nxamaseri 3 by Kathleen A.E. Donohoe
Untitled 8 by Carla Heinemann
Seaweed 150 by Alan Henriksen
Tuscany by Charles Allen Haynes
Wild Grass and Ice #4 by Robert Cleveland
Black Leaf 1 by Alan Wood
Pear with Circles by Mary Woodman
Cala Death 4 by Gerald Currier
Flowers 03 by Alain Labbe
Leaf in Bay Park by John Wesley
Reflections of Reeds by Carol Straubel
Botanica by Benny Asrul
Old Ballerinas by Mr. Tracy Hamby
Leaf Detail by Dick Pratt
Irises by David L. Hoffman
Game Farm 4 by Kathleen AE Donohoe
Chrysanthemum by Joyce Solberg
Rachel @ 83 by Raphael Sloane
Pergola by Peter Charles LaBrosse