Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Water Lilies-6 by William L. Witmer
Water Lily by Roy C. Kim
Kumarines by Beverly Norman
Botanic Energy 9 by Byong-Ho Brad Kim
Rosa Virginiana 12 by Marcus Kreidl
Elephant Orchid by Keith MacDonald
Black Mangrove Study 6 by Robert Haff
Arizona Air by Randall Boardman
Clover Like by Sonja Karen Hall
Twig in Snow by Bill Prosser
Lily Pond 8 by Michael Moyer
Untitled 7 by Geffrard W. Bourke
Botanic Study 9 by Brad Kim
Reticulated Daisies by Eric Metzler
Just a Rose by Dean Fikar
Poppies by Mike Holtz
Tulips by Lynn Karlin
Sunflower by Darrell Sano
Untitled #206 by Wayne B. Gibson
Glittering Grass by Carol Straubel
Papaveri 298 by Massimo Pedriali
Copperleaf Plant by Robert S. Finkelhor
Door and the Fern by Allan R. Lamb
Bromiliad by Ken Merfeld
Yucca by Tom Sinclair
Roots8 by Marie Jonsson
Onion Slice by Barbara Hazen
Soul by Dave Gustafson
Orbweavers by Janet Dwyer
Dahlia by Loren Nelson
Leaf by Gianna King
Ancient Woodlands MDLXXI by Michael Hudson
Botanical Weave 1 by Richard Lotman Brown
Tulip by Delaney Turner