Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Rustie Flower 2 by Teresa Saporiti
Dandelion Corona by John Birchak
Still Life with Shadow and Insects by Julia L. Hrivnak
Circled by Linda Leeger Stokes
Old Growth Stump 5 by Christina Heliker
In Repose by Donald J. Schwarz
Globe Thistle by Richard Pratt
Thistles by Otto Knoll
Intertwined by Dorin Todor
Brunhaf Olive Tree by Teresa Saporiti
Espinho #021 by Jaime Teixeira Acioli
Garlic Garland by Paul Wittreich
Tulip VIII by Pernilla Persson
Snow On Oaks 1 by Gerald Dietrick
Tulip 3 by Sue Bryan
Peony 1 by Herbert Friedman
Blue Fall by Jarvis Grant
Unfurling by Teresa Baber
After the Rain by Matthew Angley
Camelia 2 by Teresa Saporiti
Lexicon of a Grass 26 by Sue Bryan
Cabbage 2 by Jonathan Gayman
Hungry by Christine Bentley
Untitled 11 by Maurizio Montanari
Lily #1 by Shi Wan Lin
Ice Cross by Annekathrin Hansen
Maple Leaves by Dean Forbes
Untitled by Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Open Heart by Kristin A. Villano
Faux Hibiscus 02 by Ron Semrod
Moonflower Study #7 by Ray Pfeiffer
Hen and Chicks by John Rod Rodrigues
The Edge of Existence by Lon Casler Bixby
Corner Leaf by Mark Gilliland