Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Fireworks in the galaxy
Bouquet iv
Water lillies and dragonflies
Eel grass
Salade nicoise
The place where bad leafs go
Adrift 3
Sea of poppies
Fungus 2
Night lily dreaming
Portrait of a turnip
Hot plate indianapolis
Night street  7
Black leaf 5
Seaweed 8
Contemplation 12
Seaweed 2
Forest flower
Datura 11
Yellow trillium no  3
Wellesley park 1
Botanicals 2
Shades of grey
In darkness and in light
Garden angel
Botanic study 4
Dancing spirit 8
Mushroom 6
Untitled 2
Flower with fly
Flower 3
What i saw after aryeh died   no  5