Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Orchid Face by Jan Wolyniak
Fritillaria by Mark F. Janness
Wall with Flowers by Robert Colantuono
Acadia 07 Acadia ME 2011 by Drew Harty
Life Near a Hot Spring by Jane Heater
Autumn Leaves by Scott Hoyle
Frost by Michael Knapstein
Sunflower by Brenda Lindfors
Hiding by Elisabeth Murray
Birds by Paul Chauncey
Anemone by Ludmila Espiaube
Japanese Cabbage by Don Jacobson
The Leaves of Charlton Street by Patricia Sweeney
Blanket by Mary Woodman
Orange Peaks by Dot Radley
Network by Manuel Jo Monteiro Anjos Pereira
Napa Cabbage by Gregory Talley
Fallen Angel by Peter Ingrasselino
Phaleanopsis Dream #10 by Jerry Kay
Botanical #9 by Allan R. Lamb
Calla Lilly by Lori Hutchison
Windblown Palms #5 by Hal Kaye
Floral Study 11 by Byong-Ho Brad Kim
Branches by David Guidas
Still Life with Lavender by Sabina Hopfer
Anthurium by David Johnson
Branch and Fog by Gianna King
The Fall Violin Player by Anneli Shalock
Leaf And Stream Reflections by David Hibbard
Daylily #1 by Shi Wan Lin
Spring Beauty by Dennis Fritsche
Three Up by David Guidas
Summer Flowers by Ralph Sammarco
Untitled 1. 2009 by Kirsten Hoving