Taking Off by Don Bierman
Heckle and Jeckle by C. Dennis McKelroy
A Missing Head Count by Marshall Gould
Jellyfish 1 by Brenda Lindfors
Arbez by Sanford Davis
6. Giraffe by Joe Sack
Bison by Wendy Broekx
I Can See You Now by Jimmy A. Johns
Lynx by Evan McBride
Hi by Sanford Davis
Marley by Beth Forman
Star by Dana Wakefield
Garden of Eden by Surin Banyatpiyaphod
Deer by Scott Hoyle
A Steady Gaze by Curtis Choonshick Choe
Grazing Bison by Craig T. Patterson
Illusion by Barry Steven Greff
Cow  11 by Stefano Zancan
Contemplation by Derek Neidig
Rhapsody by Edmund Y.K. Yip
Cattle Feeding by Dennis Fritsche
Bird Graffiti by Wes Pettus
Bird in Tree by Jeff Unger
Shake It Off by Jazan Kozma
Horse Series 4 by Ernesto Beall
Swan Meditation by Paul G. Morozoff
Dancing Angels by Igor Svibilsky
Loon by John Bayler
Monkey by Dan Plunkett
Warning by John Birchak
Winter Horses by Nicholas Bell
Welcome. Morro Bay by Agneta Viklund
Donkey by Christine Hauber
Happy Mijo by Ryan Synovec