Liberated Ram by Robert Goldstein
Remembering by Brian P. Dunleavy
Lurch Sees the Light by Doug Bisson
Show Me The Way by Marshall Gould
Bison by Jane Heater
Leaving Home - Weanlings by Kathleen A. Sletten
Getting a Taste by Cara Niazi
Braids by Juliet Harrison
In Flight by Barbara Bender
Croatia by Ivan Kovac
Adelie Penguins by Scott Fowler
Embarcadero by John F. Simpson
Leaving Home by Gert Basson
Hippo by Allan Goodman
Two Turtles by Marilyn Canning
Camera Shy by Brian Adams
Jackass Penguin by Steven Rood
Pride by Aaron Marko
Duet by Siobhan McClory
Feeding Time 09 by Carol Rooney
Two Horses by Sylvia Rose Augustus
Mister Reno 9-10-2012 by Jeffrey Sinnock
Lioness by Bill Davenport
Sniffin by Heather Craig
Running Cows by Jan Glover
Horseleg Arches by Joel Simpson
Giraffe by Bill Davenport
Soaring by Philip Lawrence
Dusty Journey by Shinnan Kiang
OTW Certainty by Barry Steven Greff
Please by Kristina West
The Circle Of Life by Marshall Gould
Orangutan 1 by Jason Talbott
Chimp Stress by Keith MacDonald