Mantis by Mike Cameron
Maisie and Bird by Christopher Briggs
Birds of a Feather by Dick Wilson
Moth by Mike Cameron
Guarding Nectar (Texas Unicorn Mantis) by Kristin Lingren
Portrait by Jazan Kozma
Lone Cow Near Ranch Ruins by C.J. Pressma
Ascension by Barry Steven Greff
Legs by Larry Kincaid
Petunia 2 by Santiago Kuribrena Arbide
Best Friends by Keith MacDonald
Cow  7 by Stefano Zancan
Ghost Raven by Loren Haury
Level Graze by Alex DeVilbiss
Arctic Mood #15 by Gary Shallcross
Cow Fights 9 by Richard Tucker
Duck by Tara P. Zehnder
Lion Tail by Bob Demchuk
Deer 6 by Allan R. Lamb
Untitled by Joel Simpson
Leopard by Bob Demchuk
Manning by Lee Manning
Seagull Torso by Agneta Viklund
Escape. Jenner by Agneta Viklund
The Yearling by Bruce Blum
Ten Egrets by Randy Raak
Bateleur Eagle by Don Bierman
Heron by Allen Shifrin
A Day of Rest by Shelley Stockton Wynn
CWC Alaskan Wolf 7 by Ellie Whitsett
Frisky by Marshall Gould
Thompson Gazelle by Inga Howe-Geniesse
Dancing Koi 5 by Alicja Gubała
Koi Abstract 12 by Marc Sheridan