Parade by George Saines
Seagull by David Vanegas
Rhodesian Ridgeback by Karen E. Curran
Albinm Heidal by Finn Krogvig
Egret at Dawn by Dawn Miller
Buzzards by Edward Kessler
Winter Magic by Scott Joshua Dere
Red Fox - Paradise by Daniel Rice
Equines 3 by Herminio Alberti
Peacock by Krista Glavich
Dalmata by Ricardo Cuadros
Outsider by Peter A. Slevcove
Tundra Swan by Robert Beckman Breen
Bird's Migration by Dugoni Roggero
Take-off by Jukka Lehtonen
Cheetah III by Beth Wold
Bird in Negative 8 by Jerry Whitty
Gentle Giants 8 by Michael Moyer
Elephant Stampede by Judith Monteferrante
Kanine Sublime by Gert Basson
Beach Bum by Frank Brueske
Blackbird Vanity by Charles Dozer
OTW Stripes by Barry Steven Greff
Los Compadres by Pedro Genaro Rodriguez
Wandering Albatross by Annette Willis
Lake of the Isles Dog Park 2 by Thomas Sandelands
Looking In by Ernie Husulak
Eleven and a Half Birds by Ethan Salter
Flowerpot Spider by Scott Prior
Dawn Longhorn by Levi Skip Nelson
Into the Sun by C. Dennis McKelroy
Conference by Byong-Ho Kim
Squirrel by David Johns
Happiness by Marvin E. Seiger