Flight by S. Paul
Contemplation by Thomas S. Parry
Geese 2 by Lu Zhang
Il Nido by Sorin Costache
Farm Life by Sorin Costache
Untitled by Mary Woodman
Mijo In Mijo's Head by Ryan Synovec
Giraffe by Derek Neidig
A Flock of Ross Geese by Jane E. Kim
Easy Rider (Pseudocreobotra Wahlbergii) by Kristin Lingren
Mile Zero #2 by Rob Haff
Crane Majesty I by Susan Carnahan
Pigeon by Russ Gorman
Untitled 31 by John M. Dos Santos
Deer 10 by Allan R. Lamb
Moonlight by Scott Hoyle
Petroglyph No. 52 by Juliet Harrison
Butterfly by Dominic Martello
The Star of the Show by Edie Hinckley
Rabbit by Pamela Sweet
Antartica 3 by Nancy Dowling
Reindeer by Birgitte Aarestrup
Cows in Motion by Joan Moir
Ducks by Robert Colontuono
Gracefully Grazing by Debbie L. Rubin
The Lorikeet by Christine Hauber
Snail 64 by Chris Whitney
An African Moment 6 by Bob Demchuk
Four Elephants by Dale LaFollette
Hummingbird by William Bullard
Consumation of the Act by Alexander Norelli
Say Cheese by Lance Key
Maggie by Lynne Rae Fenimore
An African Moment 3 by Bob Demchuk