Goose 2 by Luke Zhang
Gossip Girls (Idolomantis Diabolica Nymphs) by Kristin Lingren
Lonely Wanderer by Alicja Gubała
Great Egrets by William Dickinson
Dog Beach 10 by Jim Gilles
Bird of Prey by Aaron Marko
Walrus by Wendy Broekx
Bird Watching by Miroslav M. Vrzala
Light for Two by Byong-Ho Kim
Enlightenment by Louis Montrose
Raven by Charles N. Hedeen
Texture 8 by Julio Hardy
Swan & Egg by Christine Laing
Squak by Jerry Whitty
Oysters 9 by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Untitled 3 by Estevao Manuel Lafuente
Untitled by Vincent Frazzetta
Bull Elk 2 by Gerald Dietrick
Takeoff by Bill Livingston
Eye by Daniela Sturlese
Pets for Life II by Lynn Rae Fenimore
Common Tern Portrait by Ron Hugo
Sailor by Susan B. Griffith
End of a Day by Gabriel Stanciu
Prideful Intentions by Don Bierman
Zebra by Mollye Miller
Bird with an Egg by Jerry Whitty
Watchful Eye by Bill Bain
Lizzard King by Gerald McDowell
Two Stilts by Robert Miller
Woodpecker and Grackle by Jennifer Beser
Buster by Jennifer Bordfeld
Jackers by Felix Michael Mosca
Rock and Heart by Pongsatorn Sukhum