Guard Dog by Nathan Caplan
Foaling Around by Marshall Gould
Snack Time by Ray Kingsbury
Cow 1 by Stefano Zancan
Catwalk by Stan Singer
Breezy Curves by Marshall Gould
Farmers Field by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Aran Isles by Eddie Wexler
California Sea Lions by Jazan Kozma
Bashful by Alan Wood
Lost by Luciano Del Bufalo
Guard Dog by Nathan Caplan
Eagle by Ursula Hoppe
The March by Judith Monteferrante
Snoozy of Portland by Michael Rontal
Nosing around 2 by Wendy Broekx
Worthog by Vijay Karai
Bird 3 by Carolyn S. Cogan
Remnant Cherokee by Amanda B. Morrow
Bison by Jean-Pierre Kocher
Euro-Asiatic Eagle Owl by Thomas S. Parry
Lone Bison by Ines Labunski Roberts
Dawn by Linda Koopman
Staredown by Bob Ashley
Judgement by Dan Patch
Dance 02 by Fred Zafran
Coot 2 by Sophia Koopman
Buffalo by Gifford Ewing
Within Reach by Rosemary Williams
Feathered by Erika N. Haight
Ultraviolet by Bob Demchuk
Untitled 3 by I. Jacob Weingarten
The Journey by Jason Jilg
FLOW Torch Down by Barry Steven Greff