Impish by Dana Redick
Koi Abstract 8 Portland OR 2014 by Marc Sheridan
Glacial Edge by Juliet Harrison
Monkey by Sharon Madden Harkness
Duke by Al Morrison
Hunting by Bill Davenport
Our Old Girl Princess by Peter Ingrasselino
Cat Eyes by Alan Wood
Gull Snack by Tim Coy
Gull in Flight #1 by Erik Nash
Beautiful Butterfly by Cara Niazi
An African Dinner 3 by Bob Demchuk
On Ice by Jan Wolyniak
The Egret by Bob Miller
Mama's Love by Sorin Costache
Egret  Preen by Levi Skip Nelson
Reflective Solitude by Willard Hutt
Dynamic Duo by Scott Joshua Dere
Camel Talk by Dolores Smart
Untitled #052 by Jane A. Spencer
Blackspotted Grunt by Eugene Williams
Koi #5 by Jeffrey David Nicholas
Earnest 2 (Idolomantis Diabolica) by Kristin Lingren
Scavengers by John Scarlett
Lunch by Dan Richard Barber
Icelandic Horses by Jack Curran
Gentle Slopes by Juliet Harrison
Watching by Liz Alston
Untitled 3 by Scott Clarke
Pinhole View by Tracy Reehal
Mystery by Cheryl Quick
Bird and Baricade by Art Braitman
Blowing in the Wind by Lynn Rae Fenimore
Three Birds by Jazan Kozma