Finn by Dane Stephenson
Dust Explosion by Laurent Baheux
Mustang  Stallion & Mares by Rick Menapace
Charles in Sun by AJ Carrington
Gold Fish by Stephen McKenzie
Arctocephalus Pusillus by Steig Ole Lerbakken
Crow with Berries by Larry Blackwood
Dreams of a Dog by Marguerite Garth
Do Not Disturb by Jeremiah Cogan
What the Morning Sun Reveals by Marshall Gould
Bison by Mike Grandmaison
Syncronized by Andy Shield
Bishop'sGarden4 by John Buckley
Three Amigos by Bernard Werner
Untitled 3 by James O'Connor
Feeding Time 02 by Carol Rooney
Dog Days- Life Is Good by Cara Niazi
In a Fog by Carolyn S. Cogan
Alert by Steve Stokan
William the Pirate by AJ Carrington
Happy Hoofs by Marshall Gould
Being Here Now by Robert Dromgoole
Birds Eye View by Donald A. Thornsburry
Butterfly #6 by Ted Fuller
Aspen Owl by Willow Brown
Deep in Thought of Freer Times by Charly McConnell
Flight 3 by Michelangelo Viterbo
Golden Eagle by J.L. Woody Wooden
llusion by Barry Steven Greff
Jezebel Lebezej by Brandy Emerson
Dissonance 7 by David Oakden
Butterfly by Rochelle Baker
Early Morning between Brockville and Prescott by Paul Matte
Love by Lynn Rae Fenimore