Photojournalism / Documentary

Fair 4 by Jon Fjortoft
Stress by Claire Martin
Snake Handler Feeling the Power by James R. Holland
Uncertainty by Jure Kravanja
Reincarnate Tulku Nun by Joe Englander
Shows 1 038 by Vincent Frazzetta
Old Monk by Jamie Johnson
Making Points by Joseph E. Reid
Buchenwald Crematorium by Doug Bisson
Stay by James Helmer
Morris dancers 3 by Rick Menapace
At a blacksmith08 by Minsoo Kim
A Moment by Brad Browne
Crossroad at UC by Elio DePisa
Untitled 2 by Paulo Jorge Ferreira Monteiro
Street Signs #42A by John Conn
Quahog Raking by Vincent Frazzetta
The Fisherman by Selim Demirdelen
The Farmer 5 by Bjorn Bjornson
Front Door by Bill Johnson
Civil War Reenactment 12 by Jim Shoemaker
Tattered and Torn by Kaitlyn Vander Broek
Memorial Day Parade 2 by Donna Preis-Siede
Streets 8 by Thomas G. Hocker
Shadow by Jordan Starr
Cambodian Refugees by Mikel Flamm
Untitled 2 by Jordan Starr
Under the Pier by Sanford Davis
Monk by Joel Addams
Entry by Bill Johnson
Matachinas #1 by Paul Elliott
Limestone Quarrying 02 by Tom Duffy
Lakarl and Marlene by Paola Serino
A Western Tradition by Susan Stone