Photojournalism / Documentary

Xanadu by Francine Douaihy
Street Furniture by Sven Martson
Lil' Poke by Shanna Mae Swanson
He Touched Another Streetmans Woman by James G. Owen
Burning by Guy Pooles
School in Santiago de Cuba by Alicja Gubała
Hot Fries by Robert J. Ross
Flakey's Funeral 1 by Anastasia Pottinger
Waiting for the Playboy by Selim Demirdelen
Human Flame Thrower by Mindy Lee Tarry
Untitled 6 by Mahesh Daniel
Boy Poses with Wooden Phallus at Tagata-no-honen Festival by Christine Laing
Goodbye to a Brother - Goodbye to My Father Series by Lucius T. Outlaw aka Lou Outlaw
Steelworkers 7 by Thomas G. Hocker
Civil War Reenactment 7 by Jim Shoemaker
Different Lives by David Bowman
Adieu by Jim & Anne Mitchell
The Hand by Scott Fowler
Workforce by Neil A. Miller
Sanacion #1 by Efrain Salinas
3 by Diego Muricca Galipolo
Workers by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Snake Handler Waiting Her Test of Faith by James R. Holland
Bello's Fans by Oliver Stegmann
Demolitioneer #4 by Winston Conway Link
Mezclando by Kellie Fitzgerald
Goodbye to Grandpops  Goodbye to My Father Series by Lucius T. Outlaw aka Lou Outlaw
Violin by Sunshine Hurley
Brothel in Cambodia by Mikel Flamm
Untitled 11 by Kenneth C. Evans
Wallstreet 1 by Noah Addis
Protection-Basra by Martin Olsen
Miami Tracks by Benno Auerbach