Architecture / Interiors

Lines and Shapes by Mihai Florea
Phoenix Insurance Building #1 by R.D. Smith
Lace Curtain by Mary Woodman
Riviera Theatre by Larry Gale
Towers by Tanya Russell
Officer's Row by Michael Hynes
23 Towers by Eli Matityahu
Hollywood Theater by Marc Sheridan
Burqas at Bodleian by Michael Flicek
Flats Fixed by Tom Green
Factory 1 by Elsa Mota Gomes
Bird in Flight by Edwin George Close II
Grain Silo #10 by Steve Siegel
Memorial Stadium by Brenda Lindfors
Embarcadero and Palms by Michael Flicek
Fire Escapes by Roger Lieberman
Chimneys of Andalusia 5 by Vladimir Kabelik
Disney Concert Hall 6 by John H. Cho
Prince of Wales Railway Bridge by Lu Zhang
Overwhelmed by Jamie Sequino
Mine Hospital by Andreas Engelmann
Art and Science by Brian Harrington
New York by Eric Lajeunesse
Tate by Jessica Wolfe
San Francisco de Asis Mission Church by Bob Ashley
The Pantheon by Tim Schweighart
Brooklyn Rain by Richard Tranfaglia
Deep in my Soul by Herminio Alberti
Old Sheldon Church by Larry Gale
La Mosquita Arches by Ronald Reimer
Sanatorium 255 by Armando Cardoso
Drying Room by Marj Green
Stairway Mont Saint-Michel by Benton F. Murphy
Door 35 by Gordon Middleton