Architecture / Interiors

The Spiral by Terrie Moeller
Industrial Articulation St. Louis  2013-3 by Jack Curran
Paul Loebe House by Ralf Palm
Moving With Purpose 3 by Jarrett Quinn Hlady
Marble Quarry 12 by Gifford Ewing
Empty Room by Bill Moy
Apostle Dome by John R. Ziemba
The RAI by Dave Bowman
Building In Camo by Karen H. Colbert
Heavy Metal by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
Spanish Stairs by Charles F. Mason
Confederate Memorial by Joel Kubicki
Foggy Georgia  Morn by Ron Hugo
Study of Space 9 by David Pantuso
Structural Abstraction 3 by Bob Johnson
Decisions by Jerry Ann Deddo
Cafe Laurent by Sophie Abbott
Hospital Interior by Marj Green
Laundry by Jess Gore
Train Station by Jameson West
Sunday by Luc Laflamme
Places in the Dark 8 by Izabela Maciusowicz
9 Library at Florida Polytechnic University by Joe Constantino
Altar of Beauty by Leann Chaney
Stairway Warwick Hotel by Howard Nepo
The Bridge by Mary Woodman
New York at Night by Charles Cohen
Purple People Bridge 7 by Joel Kubicki
Alone On A Hill by Matthew Goldsmith
155 Bank St by Joe Gledhill
Kirillo-Berzersky Monastery by Nathan Caplan
Old Mission at Janos by Ernesto Beall
The Inner Sanctum by Jamie Sequino
Untitled 9 by Bruce Blum