Still Life / Objects

Delicious by Heiner Pflug
Faces by Rochelle Baker
Car Windows by Don Russell
Georgetown Tire Co by Scott Brock
Hurricane Bill 01 by Javier Dominguez
Pickles by Rochelle Baker
Dapper Gent by Owen Nelson
In the Garden 4 by Marie Jonsson
Untitled 2 by Robert Moran
Remnants of the Departed Plate 10 by Robb Johnson
Urban Form No.31 by Philip Gornicki
Silvia with Old Roses and Clematis by Patrisha McLean
Bird Tree by Phillip A. Windell
Broken by Kazimierz Salwa
Chicago street in fog by Steve Damascus
Hands by Peter Charles Labrosse
Mardi Gras by John F. Nitsche
Cap Alright by George Fischer
Sink & Window by Joseph Barnett
Lock and Key by Kate Zacharewski
Air Pump by Robert Steffen
Silent Singer by James C. Ritchie
Batey #2 by Ronaldo Pichardo
The Climb by Maaike van Oorschot
Untitled 13 by Lorne Wolk
Central Car by Ann L. Drumrein
Prayer Flags by George Fischer
'53 Chevy by Bruce Rathbun
Untitled 4 by John Kerkacharian
Untitled 6 Krakow by I. Jacob Weingarten
Lancaster Rd 4 by Erin McGuire
Never to forget Holocaust (3) by Jurgen Grade
Red Hill Ranch Barn 432 by Marty Knapp
Home for Christmas by Gary Schatan