Still Life / Objects

Ramshakle Chairs and Tables 9 by Tiziano Micci
2.Distant View of Discontinued Bethlehem Steel Blast Furnaces by Roger Gaess
Escalator by Cheryl Quick
Eve 3 by Jerry Whitty
Untitled 5 by David Bardes
Mounted by Michael R. Stimola
02 'Bacca Shed by Jurgen Dopatka
SSS - Oh Henri by Paul Crampton
Remnants of the Departed Plate 7 by Robb Johnson
Apsaras #3 by Sayeed Mehmood
Tied Up by Allan R. Lamb
Covered by Kazimierz Salwa
76 Pump by Harry O'Connor
Grave 1 by Vanessa E. Harris
Duke's Mound by Dale LaFollette
Penberth by Ted Anderson
Untitled 11 by Rich Smukler
DumbartonOaks4 by John Buckley
Untitled 5 by Lorne Wolk
Silvia with Lupins by Patrisha McLean
Inverted Monochrome No8-Tel Aviv Israel-2011 by Jack Ronnel
Nr.7 by Imre Hancz
Cattle Chute To Heaven by Marshall Gould
Soares-Gomes by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Outdoor Living Room by Jane Robbins Kerr
Lancaster Rd 1 by Erin McGuire
Untitled 3 by Eli Matitiyahu
9 by Cristian Flueraru
Bud by Robert Rohn
Hardtop by Darrel Sano
Aluminium Bodies 4 by Tiziano Micci
Brooding Eye by Wyatt Glen Boughter
Broken But Not Beaten by Marshall Gould
Ethereal Moonlight No 6 by Beverly LaRock