Still Life / Objects

Please Don't Cry In Your Drink by Michael Howard
Silos at Dusk by Misha Gregory Macaw
Cross by John O'Russam
Piershill by Robert Reinhardt
River House by Darren Paskal
Untitled 12 by Eurico Salis
Cuba Cars # 3 by Scott Clarke
#1968-1 by Barbara Yoerg
BigTex by Chip VanPelt
The Gritty City 10 by Steve Burkett
The Key of See by Paul Crampton
Untitled 9 by Ernie McDaniel
Waiting Room by Tyler Vance
Cuba Cars # 12 by Scott Clarke
Recoleta 6 by Juan Antonio Henriquez
Untitled 1 by Anne Scott
Rearview by Donna Rosser
Power by Bonnie Slack
Trash by Vjatscheslav Kharitonenkav
Please Take Your Seat 9 by Alan Wood
Taos Pueblo 15D by Gordon Middleton
Untitled by Eric Lajeunesse
Vintage BMW by Robert Mueller
Two Tires by Susan Gendron
Art Deco with a Touch of India by John D. Wilkins
Mailboxes by Cliff Derbins
Shapes of Technology by Raymond Charrette
Slide 8 by Adam Williams
Mannequin with dirty socks by Richard C. Johnson
Birth of a Ship 5 by Nenad Saljic
Beach Fences 5295 by Bob Neiman
Factory Sink by Mark Coggins
Graffiti 16 by Ed Perkins
Pipes by Myron Slabaugh