Still Life / Objects

Fork and Roots by Elena Ehrenwald
Theatre Seating by Delaney Turner
Steeple by Michael Knapstein
Mannequin 6 by Jerry Whitty
Waterfront Found Objects 8 by Laura DeNardo
Untitled 10 by Richard Wagner
Refraction by Scott Carlin
Untitled 1 by Cynthia Merzer
Pillar Detail by Rick Chertoff
NYC Public Library by Robert Hewgley
Frozen by Jordan Gertsh
Church Chairs by Donald J. Schwarz
Our House by Stewart Harvey
Balmy Street #6 by Mitch Nelles
Business District by Eric Williams
Untitled 02 by Rudi Neumaier
The Small Glass by Laurits Haaning
Urban Elements #10 by Michael Katzmayr
When I Light A Torch by RW Hawkins
Visionary by James Walker
Skully by Brittney Cook
Bridge by Jon Hooge
A Farmland Fairy Tale by Steve DePalma
Piety by Ron Colbroth
City of the Dead 9 by Steve Burkett
Bottle Wall by Laurits Haaning
Arabia Mountain by Charles Allen Haynes
Viewing Art 8 by Thomas Winter
Progress by Daniel Joder
Bullet by Brittany Hosea-Small
Dresses by Tobin Lanzl
Metal Slat Fence by Jean G. Langer
Number 6 by C.E. Morse
First Snow by Peter Charles Labrosse