Still Life / Objects

The Wall and the Ladder by Leslie Baird
BrickWorks-127_HDR by Mikhail Mamontov
06 Flowered Fence by Niobe Burden
Overland Chevy by Bruce R. Croffy
Untitled 4 by Philip A. Dente
Puppets on Praha by Kathy Conway
Old Mack Logger by Tony Moares
Reflection by Peter Ingrasselino
Burnt Bike by Dave Sova
Eitzen House by Pat Willard
Hanging by Aidan Kessler
Road Trip-7 by William L. Witmer
Lost by Jeff Bader
School Room by Dick Pratt
Under I-25 by Joe Fretz
Brno by Ralph Henzler
Untitled 4 by Wolfgang Stöger
Drift 5 by Robert Julei
Demolition3 by Jarmo Honkanen
Highland Wall by Daniel Michael Sierchio
Old and New by Jimmy A. Johns
19273 7 by Ken Sullins
Perched for a Sale by Gwen Solomon
01 by Mary Doering
Evrard by Thomas Lambert
Chandelier by Paul Wainwright
18300 Buffalo by Susan Berger
Shucks… by Brian T. Adams
Toppled Dreams by James Rasmusson
Salvation Mountain by Dennis R. Ford
View by Gyorgy Godja
Tractor for Sale by Allan R. Lamb
2 by Clair Mallett
Santuary Entrance by Larry Mendenhall