Still Life / Objects

Rock and Driftwood by Bruce Wehman
Simcoe Street North by Wesley Peel
Handle by Norman T. Robbins
To Nowhere by Leann Chaney
Out Building Window by Pat Willard
Intruders by Dora Lutz
Concrete by Richard Stultz
The Metropolitan Museum Number Five by Sallie Carothers
Cars 03 by Silvestre Machado
Untitled 5 by Anne Scott
Chairs by Silvana Granado-Balaez
Crab Shack by Mark McCoy
Classic Cars 4 by Roberto Frieri
Lost at Sea by Steven M. Glover
The Barn by Andy Zaller
Chad by Shanna Mae Swanson
Bombay Beach 01 by Jim Shoemaker
Egg in bowls by Edward M. Fielding
Grain #12 by Allan R. Lamb
Eternal Mourning by Peter Charles Labrosse
Tennis Shoe by Brittany Hosea-Small
The Wooden Goddess by Larry E. Jones
Silo City #12 by Sam Ward
Classroom by Rick Kramer
Marina by Linda Morrow
Cumbres & Toltec Railroad 02 by Jim Shoemaker
Bombay Beach 03 by Jim Shoemaker
Tangula by Ralph Henzler
Bodie-1 by Larry Luckham
Screen Door by Michael C. Hughes
City of the Dead 8 by Steve Burkett
Sinclair by Frank Merrem
Porch Trash Can Snow by Jean G. Langer
Vintage-1 by Yusuf Kidwai