Still Life / Objects

P1012279 by Damon Shell
Umbrella by Beverly LaRock
Coolers by Gregory Collins
Swing 1 by Shinya Ichikawa
Alley Door by Tom and Marj Green
Parking Lot with Snow by Laurits Haaning
Bedroom by John P. Lewis
Illuminator by Reginald  Foster
Pelican's Roosting #2 by Mike Cavenaugh
Eggs by Norma P Gerard
Hodgepodge by Joan M. Ladendorf
Pink Tulips by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Shift Past by Steve Ryf
Subway Light by Dennis Usdan
Law Quad Window by Cynthia Merzer
Cuba Cars # 8 by Scott Clarke
Boots by Roberta McGowan
I Found Elvis by John Van Aken
Meanders of a Synapse 10 by Guy Gagnon
Old Car by Tony Sweet
Potter's Hands 7 by Al Sugerman
Chevrolet by Jerry Golab
See You by Jos V. Desmedt
Invitation by Laurits Haaning
Flowers on Door by Barbara Smith
Cuba Cars # 7 Cuba 2010 by Scott Clarke
Missing Souls 2 by Deidre McNamara
Field of Machines by Joanne Scherf
Ready to Roll by Tommy Gibson
Lamps ad Perpetuum by Jack Ronnel
Cone Shell by Jon Boring
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Alan Wood
Siste Viator by Susan E. Ellis
Last Stop by Tom Green