Still Life / Objects

Silo City #5 by Sam Ward
Untitled 5 by Dominika Dzierzymirska-Podplomyk
Cast by Charles H. Carver
Immaterial 3 by Benjamin Duhourg
Dock Art by Willow Brown
Museum of Modern Art 1 by John P. Lewis
The Circle of Light by Craig Patterson
Doing Time Barber Chair Phila Pa 2009 by Martin Frank
Window Rope by Marj Green
Bull Whip by Jess H. Hardcastle
36000 by Thomas Hanson
Bodie 4 by Geffrard W. Bourke
Cement Plant by Paul Perrini
Machine Shop 5512 by Tania Amochaev
Vis by Sebastien Lancry
Entrances 4 by Steve Burkett
Theory by Dora Lutz
Fontana Die Quattro Fiumi 1 by Michael R. Stimola
Untitled 1 by Juliet Harrison
A Moose Riding the Wave by Laurits Haaning
Seven Four by Terry Bowker
Bones by Cheryl Quick
Tangerines by G. Alan Myers
Greenhouse Wheel and Pail by Howard Nepo
Escape by Reginald  Foster
Rural Power by Jason Arends
The Fall of the Gods by Rob Linsalata
Windows by Darrell Sano
Girl in the Box 7 by Jerry Whitty
Life's Better by Bruce B. Barshop
Suspension by Norman T. Robbins
Hazleton 14 by Herminio Alberti
Lady Screw-Jack and Walking Stick Man by Les Allen
Furrier by Sven Martson