Still Life / Objects

Twin Violins by Greg McMahon
waiting by Mike Callaghan
Pride by Cameron Kline
Cuba Cars # 5 Cuba 2015 by Scott Clarke
Sawmill by Robert Steffen
Parked by Simone Koffman
Before the Party by Fee Chin
Baltimore Avenue by Chris Watts
Cuba Cars # 10 Cuba 2014 by Scott Clarke
The Eternal #1 by Pavlos Karalis
Anvil And Hammer by Loren Nelson
Chickens by Michael Frey
Descent by Ethan Wilson
Babel Burn 1 by Jerome Klingenfus
Desert Car by Mike Cavenaugh
Stages of Development by Laurits Haaning
Springs by Myron Slabaugh
Statue by Alain Labbe
Urban Elements #9 by Michael Katzmayr
Two Stool Bar by Randy Harr
Utility Plate by Michael Shafitz
Railroad Car 3 by Jim Johnson
Locking Down the Capitol by Art Shay
Leumann 1 by Massimiliano Camellini
Missing Souls 3 by Deidre McNamara
Engine Number 3 by Tom and Marj Green
Water Tank 3 by David Johns
Trash Can by Marj Green
Come Play Boys by Lau Haaning
Chains by Cheryl Quick
Guardian Angel by Kim A. Holz
Western Landscape #7 by Paul Elliott
Roof Smoke by Rick Kattelmann
Bergdorf Windows 7 by Dale Kirk