Still Life / Objects

Rotary 2 by Michael Parvin
Algarves by Birgitte Aarestrup
Mutilated Doll by Vassilis Constantineas
Pier and Lamp by Scott Haskins
Subsidized Food by Wayne Norton
Waiting for Fares by Alan Kornfeld
The Ripper by Leslie Baird
Bridge Detail #5 by Bill Dixon
Negative Space by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Red and Blue by Gert Basson
Graffiti (10) (6) by Ed Perkins
Frontyard Icons by Peter Sandgren
Bike Rack by Richard Stultz
Cool by MTO by Rob Haff
Untitled 10 by Robert Jones
Keane Wonder Mine by Jim Shoemaker
Boundaries And Lines #5 by Rick Menapace
Kids Room in Abandoned House by Tim Mize
Stop by Barbara Bender
Bottle by Linda Whitney
City of the Dead 7 by Steve Burkett
Rondelle by Sebastien Lancry
Bodie Interior III by Laurits Haaning
Stop Sign by David Johns
Ceiling Lamp by Cole Thompson
Barbie and Friend by David Vanegas
Table by Don Jacobson
Three Friends by David Ruderman
End of a Bear by Khach Turabian
Launderette by Harry O'Connor
Unsatisfying Solution by Lee Grossman
Untitled 01 by Eric Newnam
I-188 near Mile Marker 247 by Susan Berger
Number 48 by C.E. Morse