Still Life / Objects

See You by Jos V. Desmedt
Invitation by Laurits Haaning
Flowers on Door by Barbara Smith
Cuba Cars # 7 Cuba 2010 by Scott Clarke
Missing Souls 2 by Deidre McNamara
Field of Machines by Joanne Scherf
Ready to Roll by Tommy Gibson
Lamps ad Perpetuum by Jack Ronnel
Cone Shell by Jon Boring
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Alan Wood
Siste Viator by Susan E. Ellis
Last Stop by Tom Green
Hotel by Kendal Esquerre
Oblivion by John Fink
The King is Gone by Spyros Lambrou
Willie by Kim A. Holz
Goddesses by Fin DAK & Kevin Ledo by Rob Haff
5th Ave Boutique by Alejandro Suarez
Forks by Ilja Ignasovs
Magic Lantern by Gale Nobes
Phonebox in the Fog by Shener Hathaway
Adobe Wall with Painted Pattern by Russell C. Dohmann
Juggler by Daniel Bowman Ashe
Compassion by Mark A. Smith
Calvary Garden by Douglas Bienert
Blue Room by Steve DePalma
Decomposing America XVI by Perry J. Resnick
5 Butts On A Curb by Dave Sova
Details 8 by Allan R. Lamb
Unmade Bed by Don Jacobson
Mustang P51 by Herminio Alberti
Headlights and Grill by Winston Conway Link
Junkyard Truck by Lee Grossman
Leaf by Al Morrison