Still Life / Objects

Ghosts of the Sagebrush 5 by Malcolm Mosher
Water Tower by Brian Beck
Clay on Floor Tiles by Paul Smits
School Room by Tom Duffy
Street Detail by George W. Seitz
Voodoo Tomb by Ben Barnes
Into the Unknown Asheville by Kyle Willson
Barrington 2 by Annette Willis
Untitled 4 by Keith Harper
8. Dudley Farm by R.D. Smith
Renovations Part 2 by Tanya Russell
Table Setting by Mitchell Walker
Playground Path by Jeanine Michna Bales
Reactor #4 by RW Hawkins
Wrought by Debbie Vinci
Parsley by Rebecca Rothey
London Embankment by Shener Hathaway
Cauldron by Carl Davis
Colored Glass by Benaiah Cusack
Axial by Charles H. Carver
Old Steamer            Social Circle by Charles St. John Dyer
Fading by Wendy Milazzo
Ashes Number 2 by Darrell Sano
Meditation by JT Lee
Untitled 4 by Karen Commings
Broadway Reflection by Eugene Renzi
Man Hole by Vien Ngo
Sitting by Cheryl Quick
Days Gone By by Shelley Stockton Wynn
Broken by Sylvia Ford
Trattoria by Don Buelter
Powerlines by Gianna King
Headlight and Grille by C.E. Morse
Mortuary by Bill Collins