Still Life / Objects

Locomotive 6064 by Stephen Hodgetts
Entrances 1 by Steve Burkett
Boats by Dick Pratt
The Light Beneath the Door by Peter Ingrasselino
Looking Out from Awanee by Steven Stewart
Decomposing America XIX by Perry J. Resnick
Fence Detail by Ari Plosker
Board and Batten by Jim Bourne
Swing Bridge 09 by James Kueffner
Bicycles by Jan Jaster
Barn Star  Parkersburg WV  2001 by Robert E. Phipps
Vase by Ron Draxler
Passageways to Who Knows Where by Dennis Hodges
Buffalo Sky by Bailey Ann Rosen
Dilemma by Pedro Diaz Molins
Rusted Car One by Joshua Steven Lasinski
Kit in Progress by Tom and Mari Green
Hidden by Elena Ehrenwald
Honeymoon by Hannah Neal
Drying Dress by Victoria Blewer
Glenn Coe Graveyard by Gary Cook
St-Eustache #5 by Richard Douglas
The Final View by Scott W. Amling
Babe the Grand Piano by Megan Ralph
Old Cars 09 by Silvestre Machado
After Hours by Laurene Ashley Elliott
Gas Pump by Tom Green
Pontiac by Richard Tranfaglia
Flag in Window by Allan Goodman
The Wall by Fabrizio Capsoni
Things They Made 5 by Susan L. Gendron
Slide by Shinya Ichikawa
Easter by Lee Grossman
Cumbres & Toltec Railroad 05 by Jim Shoemaker