Still Life / Objects

Dashboard by Abram Blakey
Holbrook Ford by Gregory Collins
Calla Lily by David Vanegas
Cuba #7 by Scott Clarke
Electrical Series #7 by David Caras
Real Easy Chair 2 by Steve Reeves
Untitled5 by Francisco Barbedo
Look No Arms by Lau Haaning
Mannequin #4 by Tom Key
Fade out 5 by Carl Hurens
The Emptyness by Velimir Bunievcevic
Erotica by Joseph E. Reid
Straight Shooter by Wayne Norton
My Glasses by Joao Ramires Fernandes
Satellite Shadow 1 by Edwin George Close II
Hat by Richard M. Caplan
Joinery II by Raymond Charrette
Natural Sculpture #1 by Jerome D. Julius
CA's Pasture by Luke Anthony NeSmith
How Like a God (Reach 5) by William Batsford
On Wings of Stone by Chester Ng
Untitled 5 by Chuck Kimmerle
Do Not Enter by Chang Shu
Workshop by Pat Willard
Three Engines by Brad W. Eble
Rocking Charis by Jerome Skiscim
Arabella Sail Ship by Laquinnia Lawson Jr.
Sailboa by Gary Newton
Il Tritone by Luciano Del Bufalo
Untitled 12 by Paul Sokal
Keeping Faith by J. Reagan Ferguson
El Camino by Donald LaBelle
South Beach Reflection by Alan Wood
Untitled 11 by Guillermo Ubilla