Still Life / Objects

Waterfall Terace by Robert Hewgley
Door Beads by Ron Draxler
Railing by Richard M. Caplan
Easel by Jim Nickelson
Plucked Lute by Jim Sinsheimer
Diner by Paul Roelofs
Adrift with Anchors by John Meyering
Memoria V by Edward Eakins
Leumann 10 by Massimiliano Camellini
Farmal Airvent #9930 by Joseph B. Finney
Maia's Shoes by Nathan Caplan
Untitled 1 by Maris Martinson
Oil Can on Engine No. 2 by Tom and Mari Green
Store Window by Dolores Smart
Dragon Playground by Fong Qi Wei
World in Hands by Scott Taylor
Boiler Worker #2 by Jim McKinnis
Pere Lachaise Cemetery 4 by Tom and Marj Green
Material Witness 4 by Chuck Nakell
Mural by Michael Merne
The Junction Box by Allan R. Lamb
Fight your Demons II by Torleif Hamre
Memories by Renee Lowery
Go Fish by Allan R. Lamb
School Room Window by Edwin George Close II
Nesting Seahorses by Peter Ingrasselino
The Dress by James L. Amos
Doorway by Dick Pratt
Ghost Town Window by Bruce R. Croffy
Entrance to the Wind Tunnel by Marshall Gould
Garden Window by Tom and Marj Green
Outbuilding 03 by Nick Brundage
Booze and Religion by John Huffman
Galacticae Earthbound by Eleanor Owen Kerr