Still Life / Objects

Bel Air '57 #1 by Dan Richard Barber
Dummy by Mickie Rosen
End of the Line by John O. Roy
Pittsburgh Project II by Jameson West
66 Relic by Gregory Collins
Time #2 by Thomas Nero
Silos and Clouds by Misha Gregory Macaw
Carnival Devils by Ronaldo Pichardo
Missing Souls 4 by Deidre McNamara
Church by Robert Steffen
Orange Glass in B&W by Judith Monteferrante
Winter Season 05 by James Kueffner
Old West 11 by Cris Constantinescu
On The Grid 7 by Barbara Bender
Double Parking in Bodie by Laurits Haaning
Next by Alexander Tkachev
Shell Moon by Mary Woodman
Monster in the Closet by Stanley Olivera
Morning Steam by Beamie Young
Antiquitus - The Doll by Larry Ikon
Untitled 4 by Dennis Fritsche
Christ on the Rain by Marco Diniz
Woolsington 6 by Jack Delmonte
Dune by Kazimierz Salwa
Saddle by Carolyn Cogan
Crossbuck 1 by Peter J Pelker II
Mannequin #2 by Tom Key
Cooler by Justin H. Goodstein-Aue
Bicycles by Sandra Banister
My Life - The Final Chapter by Peter Ingrasselino
We'll Swing In Spring by Holly Baumann Ambuehl
'64 Chevy by Felix Michael Mosca
Ford Tough 5 by Craig Acord
Ranchos Church by Steve Burkett