Still Life / Objects

Isleton by James A. Primrose
Window by Spyros Catramis
Reflections on an Angel by Francine Douaihy
Tilted Angel by Francine Douaihy
Chair Shadows 2 by Tom and Marj Green
I'm Still Here by Vita Forlenza
Museo Casa di Dante by Don Buelter
Railing by Karen Colbert
Pine Tree and Brownstone Sarchophagus by Charles C. Berkeley
Blue Lincoln by David W. Jones
25 MPR by Deon Reynolds
No Seat by Laurits Haaning
Misty Morning by Joel Kubicki
Old Mitt And Baseballs by Garry Gay
Del Rio! by Marshall Gould
Grave  Situation by Wayne Norton
Final Salute by David Spitzer
The Queen by Erwin G. Markowitz
Awaiting Transfer by Gail Snowdon
At the Last Trump by Jack Knox
Door in Adobe Wall by Russell C. Dohmann
Graffiti with Door by Miroslav M. Vrzala
The Euro Crisis by Bjarne Holmgren
Sunset by Emilio Behar Sidauy
Three Fence Posts by Marshall Gould
Optician by William Bullard
The Gray by Rick Pearson
Portals to the Past by Kaitlyn Vander Broek
Awry #23 by David E. Wensel
Tangled & Forgotten by Victoria Storm Yaciuk
Composition #8 by Paul Raymond Comon
Untitled by Jay Watkins
Halo & Staff by Cheryl Quick
Unleashed by Karen H. Colbert