Still Life / Objects

Offering by Carole Topalian
Delivery Bicycle by Patrick O'Toole
Street Lamp by Linda Holinger
Resting by Jennifer Vance
Farm Table by Marj Green
Untitled 07 by Claudia Baptista Moreira de Freitas
Columbia River Tug by Marc Sheridan
Storefront Church by George W. Seitz
Monocle by Kazimierz Salwa
Convergence by Heather Craig
Farmstead Portal 1 by Joanne Scherf
Shun Tong Lu 15 by Tamsin Green
Four Boats by Mia Wisnoski
Welcome to the Apocolypse Again by Steve Wolowitz
The Flowers by James L. Amos
Untitled 1 by David Vanegas
Purloined 4 by Enrique Ahumada
Fossils in Cliff by Bob Stewart
002 by Jane A. Spencer
Silos by Simone Koffman
Clouds and Silos by Chad Cable
Engine 97 by Brad W. Eble
Heart Shell by Tara P. Zehnder
The View by Scott Goetz
Magical by Darrell Sano
Garden Spirit by Allan R. Lamb
Puzzle by Petr Travkin
Porch Pony by Jake Hart
Santa Fe Window 2 by Gordon Middleton
Irvington Road by Jess Gore
Faces in Windows #11 by Ron Draxler
Mosque Water Basin by Russell C. Dohmann
Two Fire Hoses by Marj Green
The Boulevard Light by Andre Aloshine